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Ship Chandlers Saldanha Bay

Ship Chandlers Saldanha Bay

Ship Chandlers Saldanha have aimed to provide better and high quality service to our valuable people in an environment that has adopted the team spirit – sharing – trustworthy – modern – hard working, by gaining your trust in our developing and rapidly growing ship industry.

Each product supplied by our Professional Purchasing Department does not compromise on quality and Ship Chandlers Saldanha aim to keep customer expectations at the highest level. Ship Chandlers Saldanha Bay make sure that every brand that we deliver is high quality, healthy, and Ship Chandlers Saldanha use and test in our own kitchens. +4, -18 warehouses are stored in appropriate conditions. The expiry dates of each of our products are taken into consideration when delivering to you. Vegetables and fruits are not present in our stocks days before delivery, they are ordered few hours before the delivery stage and they are delivered to you by maintaining the freshness of the first day. This understanding, thanks to our quality policy, more than 20 years, Shipping industry is growing more and more every day, Ship Chandlers Saldanha add new references.

The experienced Ship Chandlers Saldanha bay technical staff are doing their best to understand the needs of our customers and the various options for satisfying each customer profile. Ship Chandlers Saldanha expert partners in the ship supply market help us to supply quality technical equipment at competitive prices. Provides all kinds of ships for decks, engines and cabins; * Spare Parts, Valves, Electric Motors, Bearings, Couplings, Hoses * Anchors, Chains, Wires, Hawsers and Ropes, Shackles and Swivels * Piping and Mounting, Pneumatic and Electrical Appliances, Flanges, Sockets, Plugs and Cables * Machine Multi-Ends and Dividers. Key Sets, Brush Sets * Security and Anti-Piracy Equipment, Fire Protection Products * Gloves (leather palm, rubber, winter gloves), Boots (rubber, safety, oil / acid resistant) * Lubricants, Insulation Materials, Marine Paints and Chemicals * Navigation, Sign and Rescue Equipment.