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Douala Ship Chandler; It is an ambitious enterprise with different perspectives and objectives in various fields of the maritime sector, particularly in the field of ship supply. According to this business founded in 1988; the sea is not only a place of ship supply. According to them the sea; it means more than commercial functions. Sea expresses a living space, life style and culture. In terms of procurement, maritime activities are never a day-to-day activity that involves only commercial objectives. In addition to commercial objectives, maritime effort to create better, better and more beautiful. It is a business where everything is for and for the human being, and everything is done humanely.

Approximately 30 years ago, Douala Ship Chandler stepped into the sector with general ship chandler, adding new costumers and ship services with new spirit and excitement with the 3rd generation heirs of a long-established family that has served the sector for many years. to the present day. [email protected]

Ship Chandler Douala see the sea as a living space and as a company, Ship Chandler Douala offer superior quality service in all areas of the maritime sector, particularly in the field of shippin. However, in our opinion, sea means more than trade and transportation. For our company, maritime activities are never day-to-day activities that involve only commercial targets. The subject of all our maritime activities is human.

Everything is for man, everything is for man. Douala Ship Chandler maritime activities aim to grow in stability, but to achieve this goal, with respect to human beings, labor, and all segments of the service Ship Chandler Douala provide, Ship Chandler Douala protect the sea and the environment and protect the safety of life and property without taking any risks other than the izik normal risks of the sea,. and to present the whole environment to future generations in a clean manner.

Ship Chandler Douala aim to closely follow the developments in science and technology in general and all new developments in the field of maritime and procurement, to benefit from this technology in Ship Chandler Douala company works and ships, to look at the future with stability and confidence by melting the energy and dynamism of the youth and experiences in a pot. In this context, Ship Chandler Doualar will provide services in all areas of the maritime sector as it is today. Ship Chandler Douala goal of stable growth will always exist, but in achieving these goals, it will in no way override our maritime and environmental awareness with our commercial concerns, superior quality and safety.

As a Ship Chandler Douala company that grows day by day and aims to develop, customer satisfaction is Ship Chandler Douala top priority.

Ship Chandler Douala supplying;

  • Provisions
  • Deck Stores
  • Engine Stores
  • Materials
  • Publications
  • Safety Equipments

and other all kinds your ship needs, [email protected]