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A company is also and mainly the people who integrate it. Ship Chandler Cabinda challenge is to have a personalized service of quality, that also is related to the formation and permanent motivation of our collaborators, so many times hard to find in companies of bigger dimension.

The teamwork bet in the modulation of the many structures allows to perfectly adjust the related human resources to each moment and each customer in function of its necessities. From our point of view it consists on a constant update of our relative staff capabilities from the knowledge of languages to the fulfilment of rules of security of the ports (ISPS) and in everything that secures the alimentary products.

Even in a company who insists on keeping a light and flexible structure, were quality and not amount of work is our main concern, has to have a logical, operative structure and with relations of well clear hierarchy and responsability.


The supply of provisions is Ship Chandler Cabinda’s primary activity. Ship Chandler Cabinda keep close contact with our suppliers to assure best quality on our products. Ship Chandler Cabinda range includes fresh vegetables, frozen Meat/fish, groceries, candies and dairy products.


Ship Chandler Cabinda know how much leisure times means to crews that have to stay on board for months. For this ocasions Ship Chandler Cabinda can ofer a varity of cigarette brands, Spirits and Soft Drinks, that will be just perfect for resting times on board.


From Welding to dishwashers, Ship Chandler Cabinda cover all your needs. Our experienced team will find all the Technical stores for Engine, Deck, Galley, Bridge and Lashing equipment you may need. Ship Chandler Cabinda work with all major catalogues including IMPA, ISSA & Kloska catalogues, in order to get all the spare parts for your vessel at the right price.


Health & Safety is the single most important aspect when you are more than 100 miles from shore. Ship Chandler Cabinda supply B/A Charts/ Publications and SOLAS approved Safety Equipment.

In cooperation with our partners Ship Chandler Cabinda coordinate Annual Surveys to Firefighting equipment, Davit, Winches, Rescue & free fall boats.