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Ship Chandler Senegal

Ship Chandler Senegal offer attractive prices, never making concessions on the quality of our products. Ship Chandler Senegal always deliver on time, never lowering our attention to detail. Ship Chandler Senegal are flexible to your needs, never losing our reliability and accuracy. Ship Chandler Senegal make sure that everything is to your utmost satisfaction and always with guarantee.

Ship Chandler Senegal an unlimited array of provisions, including authentic European products. Our fresh products and bonded stores are meticulously inspected to guarantee the highest quality of delivery every single time.

The company has become a leader in delivering extraordinary order handling experiences by providing reimagined logistics, quality products and technical knowhow to the shipping industry. Ship Chandler Senegal takes all the work from your desk!

All products and packaging comply with IMO regulations and are accompanied with all the required certificates. Ship Chandler Senegal encourage our customers to send their RFQ´s in an electronic format enabling us to import the date in our system and in this way deal with your enquiries in a more economical, more efficient and a faster way. In case preferred we can submit our quotation forms in a format of your choice.

For all needs and demanded products, Ship Chandler Senegal is the ideal business partner that supplies your ship as fast as possible due to its own assortment of products, advanced logistics software and local know-how around all the major ports of Senegal.

Fresh, frozen or dry. All high quality products with maximum shelf life at competitive prices. During an inspection of the VWA in matter of infrastructure ,equipment and hygiene, Ship Chandler Senegal complied with all the regulations involved with temperature controlled storing and delivery of fresh and frozen products. (HACCP)

Ship Chandler Senegal provide the full range of ships stores from the catalogues: Deck Stores, Engine Stores, Electrical Stores, Safety Equipment, Medical Supplies, Domestic Products and Appliances.

Ship Chandler Senagal offer the best service for you with the best charlat, we serve with our professional team in this sector, you can always contact us : [email protected]