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Ship Chandler Cotonou

Our company

Ship Chandler Cotonou Since 1998, Supplying; Cabin Store, Deck Store, Technical edMedical Items, BA Charts, Publications, Safety Equipment, Chemical Items … and other needs by providing services.


Ship Chandler Cotonou company provides service with a wide range of food and products with its 2000 m2 domestic product warehouses and 450 m2 warehouse stocks in the center of Cotonou. [email protected]


Ship Chandler Cotonou company accepts orders 24 hours in advance to provide the highest level of service. However, it has the agility to provide 99% of the main foodstuffs in 2-3 hours in extreme situations thanks to transit and domestic products stored in our own warehouses under appropriate conditions and with proper consumption date.


Ship Chandler Cotonou find the desired product, quality and the most suitable prices by classifying the needs of the vessels in the wide range of products as Domestic market and Transit products. For the products that cannot be provided in our country, their equivalents are sought, priced and the company’s approval is obtained with the Captain.


In order to provide the highest possible quality products after approval, to determine the best time to provide fresh fruits and vegetables and products with short consumption dates, Ais devices follow the ships momentarily through key sites and in contact with the ship Captain and we reached.

Purchase and storage

The city of Cotonou serves as a transit point for us constitutes the advantage of reaching a broad range of products in a short time to all major cities. Products that are not in our warehouses are the ones with the longest consumption dates and fresh fruit and vegetables are provided daily on ETA day. These products are examined one by one by our staff after they come to our warehouses and placed in our company’s special packages together with their own packaging. These products are kept under the conditions and conditions they need until the delivery day and presented to our customers with the highest quality.


Ship Chandler Cotonou has experience and punctual staff, in a continuous communication with ship master or agent operators and Pilot Captains, performs deliveries without waiting the ships within the determined range with the necessary and properly packed products within the regulations. Ship supply Cotonou are sure that our services can be provided to the ship operators and ship owners without the need to delay for ship supply.

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