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Ship Chandler Freetown

An African wide logistic and commercial network

Freetown Ship Supply, a service as old as shipping itself, now uses the latest, most effective logistic techniques.

With almost 30 years of experience and tradition, Ship Chandler Freetown is a world renowned leader in this field.

Ship Chandler Freetown can meet the needs of any kind of ship in any port in the world, thanks to its well established operating techniques and logistics platforms in the all African Ports and its Africanwide network of business partners.

Ship Chandler Freetown can meet the demands of even the most important international operators in the Cargo, Cruise and Ferries sectors while also supporting On and Off shore catering activities and large-scale dining activities.

Life on board can be pleasant or even hard, it depends if your’re a passenger or a worker.

Ship Chandler Freetown wish to make your guest’s trip more enjoyable and your crew happier, and there’s nothing better than a bit of Italian taste! But whatever your diet or eating habits are, Ship Chandler Freetown will satisfy your appetite.

“Most of all we are deeply convinced that all which is made in African is the best”!

A large part of our well equipped warehouse is dedicated to dry and refrigerated food products.

Our company is fully committed to quality, therefore, Ship Chandler Freetown have established alliances with essencial suppliers at All African ports as well, in order to source and supply locally at competitive rates and guarantee our customers an excellent control of the supply chain.