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Ship Chandler Cape Verde

What are the Cape Verde islands called?

The archipelago of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and several islets, divided into two groups: Barlavento (windward) islands. Sotavento (leeward) islands.

Ship Chandler Cape Verde is a limited company better known internationally as Ship Chandler Cape Verde It was founded in 1988 at Cape Verde islands with its iron steel,, fertilisers, coal, petroleum and LPG ports. Although the company was initially set up in 1993, our experience stretches back to 1984. The company provides a wide range of services from catering, maintenance, chemicals and certified security equipment. The services provided are all run fast and reliably. Ship Chandler Cape Verde takes itself seriously and is therefore a member of such serious organisations as ISSA. Ship Chandler Cape Verde also prides itself in taking determined steps towards being a pioneer in shipping. Ship Chandler Cape Verde open mindedness and experienced cruise lie at the heart of success and the services provided by our company. Ship Chandler Cape Verde care about our customers because Ship Supply Cape Verde always put them first and are able to see their point of view with regard the services supplied by us, thereby adopting a full and flawless service with reasonable prices as Ship Supply Cape Verde primary principle towards Ship Chandler Cape Verde’s customers. [email protected]

Ship Chandler Cape Verde Provisions Supply

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Bread and Other Bakery
  • Meet and Meet Products
  • Fish and Sea Products
  • Poultry
  • Diary
  • Dry Foods
  • Conned Meet, Fish and Vegetables
  • Breakfasts
  • Liquid Oils and Margarines
  • Traditional Foods
  • Spices

Ship Chandler Cape Verde Technical services

  • Ship Cranes Repairing
  • Marine engine repairs & troubleshooting
  • Turbo charges overhaul & repairs
  • Boilers & Coolers Re-tubing and overhaul
  • Reconditioning of machinery items ashore
  • Retrofitting & insullation of machinery and equipment
  • Underwater repairs & inspection
  • Pre-purchase inspection and condition surveys
  • Technical superintendent and consultancy
  • Specialised machinery and equipment servicing, troubleshoting
  • Voyage riding crew supply
  • A/C Repairs and troubleshooting
  • Steel renewal
  • Surveying of life safety equipment, fire fighting equipment.
  • Refilling of Acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen gas bottles
  • Rewinding electric motors
  • Refrigeration system
  • Radio system & Radar system
  • Garbage, bilge, sludge removal services

When your vessel call to a Cape Verde ports please contact wits us for all kinds ship requsitions, be sure Ship Chandler Cape Verde will provide best service with best prices 7/24 u can contact with us [email protected]