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If you need a professional ship clerk in Djibouti port, you can be sure that Ship Chandler Djibouti will give you a professional service in this port.
Although it has been mentioned with bad events in the last few years, Ship Chandler Djibouti do our best to provide you with the best service in this port every day of the year; Ship Chandler Djibouti provide non-stop, including international holidays and weekends. Our professional team works with all their energies to meet your needs.

Provisions Supply at Djibouti Port
Most of our food products are locally produced and supplied directly to you. All of our frozen products are protected until they are delivered to the ship without breaking the cold chain. All of our vegetable and fruit products are offered to you in the freshest way on a daily basis, except on weekends. In line with your demands, Ship Chandler Djibouti also have food products from various regions of the world. All of our other frozen products have a long service life and Ship Chandler Djibouti supply them on board with a usage period of at least 2-3 months.

In our meat and fish products, Ship Chandler Djibouti also provide you with products of local and foreign origin. A large part of our fish products are caught by our local fishermen and are presented to you in the freshest form. Ship Chandler Djibouti can easily supply you with all kinds of products that you need in this poor but beautiful country of Africa.

Deck Engine Supply at Djibouti Port
Today, Ship Chandler Djibouti serve many ships coming to Djibouti port with our numerous products. You can contact us for many products that you can think of. The quality of all kinds of products Ship Chandler Djibouti provide to you is generally at a high level. For this reason, their usage period is long and you can use them easily on your ships for years. Ship Chandler Djibouti can easily supply all your ship’s deck and machinery needs by contacting us.

There are always about 1500 kinds of products ready for replenishment in our stocks, and for your product orders other than these, Djibouti Ship Supply contact you within a few hours at the latest and provide you with the best prices you need.

Ship Repair Works at Djibouti Port
Djibouti Ship Supply have been serving the maritime industry for many years and Djibouti Ship Supply have a great experience as a result of these services. Today, Djibouti Ship Supply are the only authorized ones for general electrical, electronic and mechanical problems of all ships coming to Djibouti port, and all ships coming to Djibouti port reach us through their agents or quartermasters and have repair and maintenance procedures done in this way.

However, as a result of repairs made in this way, prices increase by about 30 percent on average. There is no need to put someone in the middle to get the most accurate and best prices by contacting us. Djibouti Ship Supply are as close as a phone and an e-mail address to you, all you need to do is contact us immediately.

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