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Nouadhibou Ship Chandler

Why Nouadhibou Ship Chandler ?

        Nouadhibou Ship Chandler know you can choose from suppliers anywhere in the world. Why choose Nouadhibou Ship Chandler?

        Because at Nouadhibou Ship Chandler understand the challenges faced everyday by Nouadhibou Ship Chandler customers. Nouadhibou Ship Chandler understand the importance of on-time deliveries, supplying only the freshest, best quality provisions, and having the items you need available at all times at Nouadhibou Port

Nouadhibou Ship Chandler

Nouadhibou Ship Chandler

        Nouadhibou Ship Chandler care about the mariners Nouadhibou Ship Chandler so proudly serve! Nouadhibou Ship Chandler are committed to offering individualized professional service to every vessel. Nouadhibou Ship Chandler only business is the business of ship supply.

        Once you work with us you will understand the difference. Integrity, courtesy, care, and professionalism, are what you can expect every time!

Provisions Supply

Local Meat & Meat Products Fish, Salted, Dried,
Smoked,FreshBread,Cake, Pastry
Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream
Local Butter, Cheese Oil and Fat
Tinned Vegetables Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer
Sauce and Gravy Sauce Mix Pickles Tinned Fruits
Tinned Fish Tinned Meat Beans and Peas, Dry
Fruits and Nuts, Dry Jam and Marmalade
Dressing and Vinegar Seasoning and Flavor
Bouillon Spices and Herbs Juice Syrup
Coffee, Cocoa, Tea Pasta and Noodle
Cereals Grains, Cake Mix Salt and Sugar
Food Color, Essence, Pudding, Gelatin
Soup Powder

Ship Store

Bed Accessories, Laundry Accessories, Towel & Table Linen
Curtains Gloves, Working Cloths, Buckets & Garbage Bags
Laundray Machines, Garbage Disposers, Cleaning Products
Serving Utensils, Napkin Papers, Cutlery, Plates & Cups,
Glass Tableware, Stainless Steel Tableware, Plastic Tableware
Wooden Tableware, Table Pots & Jars, Frying Pans & Cooking Pots
Cooking Machines, Storage Cointainers, Bar Utensils,
Measuring Scales, Peelers & Scalers, Knives
Baker & Pastry Utensils, Squeezers and Mashers
Foils & Roll Papers, Cabin Cleaning Equipment
Rat Traps, Fly Swatters, Electrical Cooking Appliances
Home Electrical Applicances, Kitchen Utensils
Office supplies, Butcher’s Gear, Sharpening Stones

Shortly what your vessel need Nouadhibou Ship Chandler can supply easly and best service :

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