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We are servicing more than 22 years ship chandler supplier service at Liberian Ports, Liberia Ship Chandler provide uninterrupted service every day to offer you the best quality products at the best prices. You can contact us for any kind of supply. All of our employees have done maritime business before and they know your needs very well. Liberia Ship Chandler provide all kinds of equipment and repair and maintenance works you need quickly and smoothly. If you notify us before your ship arrives at the port of Liberia, you will have no doubt that we will offer you the best service at the best prices. Liberia Ship Chandler supply fresh fruit and vegetable parts of our food supply on a daily basis except Sundays. All of our canned and frozen products are long lasting and will be ready for use on your long journeys.

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Monrovia Ship Chandler

Liberia Ship Chandler also make every effort to make the repairs of the ships flawless. Liberia Ship Chandler team works 24/7 to complete your ship’s repair operations as soon as possible without any delay. Warehouse cover repair, technical and repair work in the engine room, all kinds of electrical equipment repairs are done. All you need to do is just contact us, make sure we will give you the best service at the fastest and most affordable price

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